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Truly Victorian Costume Patterns

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DIY Victorian Dress Costume Patterns
Victorian bustle videoTruly Victorian Bustle Pattern Video

Check out this "Making a Victorian Bustle video" for tips for making your own terrific TV bustle.
Make a Truly Victorian Bustle from Pattern Video
This page encompasses all Truly Victorian Costume Patterns items sold by Claudette Donat, Victorian Dressmaking patterns or other Victorian costume style items made or sold by her. See Claudette Donat's Heritage Fashions page to have a custom, made-to-order Sass Victorian Bustle Dress made especially for you, or her Victorian style Costume jewelry, or see her handmade Victorian Costumes, and Truly Victorian patterns so you can make a Victorian Costume for yourself.
Victorian Costumes for ladies

Contact Claudette Donat at: cdonat@cox.net

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Truly Victorian Skirt Costume Patterns

Below is a list of Truly Victorian patterns available. To reserve and order any of these TV patterns currently in stock: Click on the TV pattern listing (below this list) for each pattern price and use the "Order or reserve this item from Claudette" option on the Seller contact request form to order patterns available in stock from Claudette Donat:

See Claudette's photos and descriptions of Truly Victorian patterns offered for sale, or, pay for patterns with Paypal. Truly Victorian Undergarment Patterns:

TV101 Petticoat with Wire Bustle $14.00
TV102 Chemise and Drawers $16.00
TV105 Combination Underwear $14.00
TV108 Grand Bustle Pattern $11.00
TV110 Late Victorian Corset $13.00
TV121 1979 Petticoat with Train $15.00
TV170 Victorian Petticoats $11.00

Truly Victorian Civil War patterns, Truly Victorian 1870s patterns, and Truly Victorian 1880s patterns

TV201 1870s Underskirt Pattern $15.00
TV202 1869 Grand Parlor Skirt $16.00
TV208 1870 Trained Skirt Ensemble $24.00
TV216 1875 Parisian Trained Skirt $22.00
TV221 1878 Tie-Back Underskirt $13.00
TV225 1878 Fantail Skirt $15.00
TV247 1860s Elliptical Skirt $17.00
TV261 1885 Four-Gore Underskirt $13.00
TV264 1883 Riding Habit Skirt $21.00
TV291 1898 Walking Skirt $17.00
TV292 1893 Bell Skirt $18.00
TV294 1891 French Fan Skirt $19.00
TV297 1898 Flared Skirt $17.00
TV298 1892 Umbrella Skirt $16.00
TV299 1901 Split Riding Skirt $18.00
TV301 1870s Tie apron Overskirt $8.00
TV303 1872 Side Drape Overskirt $10.00
TV304 1875 Square Overskirt $15.00
TV305 1880s Bustled Apron Overskirt $11.00
TV324 1878 Long Draped Overskirt $13.00
TV326 1880 Hermione Overskirt $16.00
TV328 1880 Split Pannier Overskirt $14.00
TV361 1880s Butterfly Train $16.00
TV362 1884 Wash Overskirt $15.00
TV364 1886 Autumn Overskirt $16.00
TV365 1883 August Overskirt $15.00
TV368 1880s Waterfall Overskirt $15.00
TV381 1885 Pannier Panel Add-On $13.00
TV382 1887 Assymetrical Add-On $14.00
TV400 1871 Day Bodice $13.00
TV405 1872 Vest Basque $13.00
TV410 1873 Polonaise $18.00
TV416 1875 Evening Bodice $13.00
TV420 1879 Cuirass Bodice $13.00
TV422 1881 Dinner Bodice $13.00
TV423 1877 Two Tone Bodice $13.00
TV428 1880 Jacket Bodice $13.00
TV432 1882 Tea Gown $22.00
TV440 1859 Pagoda Bodice $13.00
TV442 1860s Ballgown Bodice $12.00
TV460 1885 Bustle Cuirass Bodice $13.00
TV462 1883 Tailed Bodice $15.00
TV463 1884 French Vest Bodice $13.00
TV464 1883 Riding habit Bodice $13.00
TV490 1892 Evening Gown bodice $13.00
TV491 1893 Blouse Waist $16.00

Truly Victorian Corselet Pattern and Truly Victorian Plain Bodice and Truly Victorian Sleeves Pattern:

TV492 1890s Victorian Corselets $8.00
TV493 1890s Plain Bodice $13.00
TV495 1890s Sleeves $16.00

Truly Victorian Overgarment Patterns and Truly Victorian Hat patterns:

TV498 1898 Eton Jacket $12.00
TV500 Talma Wrap $14.00
TV551 1880s French Bonnet Frame $11.00
TV560 Late Bustle Coat $22.00
TV590 1890s Cape $12.00

1900-1909 Edwardian Patterns:

TVE21 Trumpet Skirt $16.00
TVE22 Circular Skirt $16.00
TVE41 1903 Plain Blousewaist $14.00

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  DIY How to make a Truly Victorian Bustle VIDEO by Brandie Larsen by Lisa Schnapp 03-09-2011

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