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Victorian Costume Contest

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Victorian Library

Victorian Costume ContestWelcome to Bustledress.com's 2010 "Most Beautiful Bustle Dress Costume in the WORLD" contest page.

Get your cameras ready ladies and gents, "Bustledress.com wants to find 2010's WORLD's Most Beautiful Bustle Dress Costume!" Could you be the 2010 winner of our 2nd annual worldwide search to find the loviest Bustle Dress Costume in the WORLD?

Due to popular demand, our Victorian Costume Contest is now opened to the WORLD! In our "Other Bustle Gown" category, even some gents, couples, groups Victorian wedding gowns, and humorous bustle gowns may enter this year's costume contest in the "Other Bustle Dress" category (see the Bustle Gown Contest Rules
for full contest details.)
See the Victorian Costume Contest Entries
here! Contest begins May 15th, 2010, and the deadline for submissions ends on July 15th, 2010. Your vote begins on July 1st, 2010 and ends August 7th, 2010. Finalists announced August 8th, 2010. Winners will be announced August 15th, 2010.

Bustle Gown Contest Rules
Costume Contest Entry Form
Victorian Costume Contest Entries

Victorian Bustle Dress Costume Contest
Most Beautiful Bustle dress Costume in the WORLD (Any style.)
Best Victorian Day Bustle Gowns: (Any style Victorian bustle dress for day)
Best Victorian Ball Gown: (Any style Victorian bustle gown for evening)
Best Overall Gothic Victorian/ Neo Victorian/ Steampunk Gown: ("Alternate" styling)
Best "Other" Victorian Gown:
("Freestyle" or "Wildcard" Victorian bustle gown, see rules for details.)

Victorian Ball Gown Costume Contest
Prizes: Victorian Ball Gown Costume Contest Victorian Costume Contest Victorian BallGown Costume Contest Victorian BallGown Costume Contest Victorian BallGown Costume Contest Victorian Evening Gown Contest Costume Contest Victorian Costume Costume Contest Victorian Ball Gown Costume Contest Victorian Walking Gown Contest 
See the Prize page for details about the fabulous FREE prizes offered by our wonderful Bustledress.com sellers, and contest prizes sponser affiliates. This year, prizes are for both Domestic and International. Winners responsible for shipping postage, or any possible fees incurred by winner's country's customs.

Victorian Dress Contest Prizes
Alethea Sayers All
Claudette Donat All
Lisa Schnapp All
Madames Mercantile All

Victorian style Dress Costume Contest
Vote for your favorite 2010 Bustle Dress Contest Entry:
Costume Contest Vote

Vote for your favorite Bustle Dress Entry 1X daily per category, per person, per email address beginning July 1st, 2010- August 7th, 2010. Finalists will be announced August 8th, 2010. Your vote will account for 99 percent of the semifinalists (Lisa Schnapp will be a deciding vote if there are ever any ties.) so, 50 percent of the choice of the winners. Vote for your favorite entries at: lisa@bustledress.com

Finalists are announced August 8th, 2010, and Winners are announced August 15th, 2010.

Victorian style Dress Costume Contest
Meet 2010's Costume Contest Judges:
Victorian Fashion Dress Costume ContestVictorian Dress Costume ContestVictorian style Fashion Dress Costume ContestVictorian Gown Costume ContestVictorian Costume Contest
Alethea Sayers- Claudette Donat- Cheryl Ritchie- Lisa Schnapp-
Please see our Costume Contest's judges sellers current offerings on their store links below:
Alethea Sayers All
Claudette Donat All
Madames Mercantile All
Lisa Schnapp All

Costume Contest Entry Example: 2009 Most Beautiful Bustle Dress in the World WINNER

2 photos of bustle gown allowed to be submitted into Costume Contest. Small photos of Fashion plates/ gown design/ dress drawings can also be added to entry. All photos submitted in the Victorian costume Contest are to be 300 pixels wide each or less, but any length tall.
Include entrant's Name (only your initals will be used unless you have a nickname, etc.) email address, and home address/ contact information (see Contest Rules) along with age, and entrant's country of origin (see Contest Rules). Also, please write 50 words or less describing your bustle gown Costume entry, and how you made it, where it is intended to be worn. Please include your website, and any model or photo credits to be added. Don't forget to include the 2 categories choices to enter your bustle gown. (Any categories not chosen will be left to the choice of Lisa Schnapp. You can also leave this option open for Lisa to choose if you wish, too.)
Example: 1.) 2009 Most Beautiful Bustle Gown in the World WINNER
Category 1: Most Beautiful Bustle Dress in the World
Category 2: Best Victorian Ball Gown
Seamstress: MH, USA

"This is a late 1870's ball gown that started with 2 pieces of fabric. About 3.5 yards total of a beautiful, beaded panel and an amazing, silk velvet in a midnight purple. All the other fabrics and accessories had to be dyed to match this rich hue. Though this gown is several years old, it is still one of my favorites, and I still feel like the belle of the ball whenever I wear it.... MH"

Victorian Costume ContestVictorian Costume Contest
Bustle Gown Contest Rules
Costume Contest Entry Form
Victorian Dress Contest Prizes
Victorian Costume Contest Entries

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