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2010 Costume Contest

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Victorian Library

Victorian Costume ContestWelcome to the Bustledress.com "Victorian Costume Contest" page.

On this page you can find out all about the free contest giveaway currently occuring. "Bustledress.com wants to find the 2010 WORLD's Most Beautiful Bustle Dress Costume!" 2nd Annual Contest begins May 15th, 2010, and the deadline for Costume Contest entry submissions ends July 15th, 2010. Costume Contest Entry Form
Your vote begins on July 16th, 2010 and ends August 7th, 2010. Finalists announced August 8th, 2010. Contest winners will be announced August 15th, 2010.

So Ladies and Gents, get your cameras ready!

Victorian Bustle Gown Costume ContestBustledress.com is seeking to discover,

Victorian Costume Contest WinnerThe 2010 WORLD's Most Beautiful Bustle Gown Costume

Your Bustle Dress Costume Contest entry is to be modeled either yourself, a dress mannequin, or a female model (all non-mannequin participants must be over 18 with ID.). Ladies or Gentlemen also may also participate in this year's contest in the, "Other Beautiful Bustle Dresses" category (this is a broad spanding category to also include couples (with the entrant wearing a bustle gown), groups of 3 or more (with the entrant or more wearing a bustle gown), artistic/ alternate bustle dress, humorous, or unusual bustle gowns, or bustle dresses just not fitting into the other categories, such as a paper bustle gown, etc. Go wild, but respectable...please just keep in mind-- we are a family friendly site, so please enter only presentable outfits to be accepted into the contest.). However, the person entering the contest must follow the rules and guidelines for the ladies... so, if they choose themselves as the model for a bustle gown entry- (and not using a dress mannequin, or female model-) the entrant (or, himself if the case applies) must be wearing the bustle dress to enter that specific bustle gown into the contest.

WIN fabulous, free prizes!Victorian Outfit Costume Contest
Click here to go directly to the
Victorian Costume Contest

Victorian Dress Contest Prizes
There are multiple categories, one for virtually everyone. This year's contest includes a Gothic Victorian Dress/ Neo Victorian Dress/ and Victorian Steampunk Bustle Dress categories competing in one category for serious competition, plus a brand new wild "Other" category to encompass "other" bustle dress types.

If you prefer to ohh, and ahh over the bustle gowns and watch the fun from the sidelines, you can also read the new 2010 comments from the Judges and cast your vote on your favorite Victorian contest entries, beginning July 1st, 2010- August 7th, 2010! YOUR vote actually counts here. Don't wait! Enter the worldwide search for the 2010 Most Beautiful Victorian Costume in the WORLD Contest today!

See the newest 2010 Victorian Costume Contest Entries
To submit your completed entries and contest ready photo(s) and/or photographer's permission/ consent, you give Lisa Schnapp and Bustledress.com full consent to display the submitted photograph(s), word essay entry, and any questions/ comments, regarding the contest only to: bonnet@interx.net. Bustledress.com reserves the right to deny any photos, or texts deemed inappropriate.

Questions ONLY to be submitted to: Lisa Schnapp at: bonnet@interx.net

Victorian Costume ContestHere are some highlights below from the "2009 Most Beautiful Bustle Dress in the World Contest."

2009 Contest Quotes of the Day

The 2009 Quotes of the Day are anonymous, sometimes cute, hilarious, and just wonderful snippets of comments made to Lisa during the course of the 2009 contest by contest entrants, voters and various people commenting on the contest. This feature changes daily. Check the 2010 entry page for new comments about this year's contest.

"Thank you for posting all the GORGEOUS gowns, now I am inspired to go sew more gowns!!...In the morning, of course!"

"I have to enter this just to keep up with my girlfriends!..."

"Number (deleted) lovely. Mostly, I loved the details in the bustle itself. All of the ladies have beautiful, beautiful dresses."

See below the results of last year's 2009 Most Beautiful Bustle Dress in the World Contest.

  2009 MOST BEAUTIFUL BUSTLE DRESS Contest WINNERS by Contest 08-15-2009
  2009 CONTEST FINALISTS TO 8-14-09 by Contest 08-08-2009
  2009 CONTEST LIST Categories VOTE TO 8-7-09 for FINALISTS by Contest 07-22-2009
  Category: 2009 INTERNATIONAL Most Beautiful Victorian Gown In the WORLD by Contest 05-29-2009
  All Entries: 2009 Most Beautiful Bustle Dress In the WORLD Contest by Contest 05-15-2009
  Category: 2009 USA Most Beautiful Bustle Dress In the WORLD by Contest 05-15-2009
  Category: 2009 USA Best Victorian Day Bustle Gown In the WORLD by Contest 05-15-2009
  Category: 2009 USA Best Victorian Ball Gown In the WORLD by Contest 05-15-2009
  Category: 2009 USA Best Gothic Victorian Gown In the WORLD by Contest 05-15-2009
  Category: 2009 USA Best Steampunk Victorian Gown In the WORLD by Contest 05-15-2009

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