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Welcome to the Bustledress.com Buyer Testimonial Page

Testimonials...Bustle gownHere's what Bustledress.com clients are saying...
Victorian BootsHi Lisa, I just received the Victorian boots or should I say Edwardian boots, and I have to say, your description described them perfectly! I can't get over how padded and comfortable they are- Just the thing for the SIT weekend (from the movie, "Somewhere in time.") I'm attending at the Grand Hotel, Mackinac Island, Michigan. Please let me know if you find these in red. I wanted to thank you for all of your help and the quick delivery. I'm a loyal customer for life. Thanks, T.

Titanic era gown Lisa!!
The dress is absolutely wonderful!!! It is everything you described it to be and more! I am almost afraid to touch it! Thanks again for everything and I have already recommended your site to several of my friends who are interested in antiques and costuming. Please stay in touch and just to let you know, my wedding is next year August, 2008 in the evening at the Conservatory at the Biltmore. If you should ever find yourself on this side of the continent, please give me a buzz. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! You have helped to make my wedding more special because of this enchanting dress! Also, I believe my mailman was rather scared when I came running out of my apartment down the steps and begging to know if he had any packages for me. Thank you again for everything and you will definitely have my business for life!

-Robyn...:-)... - 
Bustle dressHi Lisa,
I have been out of town, so just got to unpacking your box yesterday. The dress (Margaret's reproduction gown) defies description! I love, it fits, I can climb stairs. Thank you so much.

Gail - 
Victorian clothing Hello Lisa,I have received the Victorian gown. I could wear it at the event. (2 days to Japan!) Please look at attached photos. And, it is my husband that wears "Virginia States Army General's uniform." Thank you very much for everything.

I will order to your shop again in the future. Thanks,Kaori - 
Bustle gownDear Lisa,Hi! I just have to tell you how thrilled I am with it. It is the most gorgeous (reproduction) dress I've ever seen. I plan to wear it shortly in couple of weeks. The dress is now a hanging fixture in my room and everytime I see it, it makes me smile. I'm just dizzy over this dress. :) Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Keep up the good work! I will watch for your items. :) -Christine

Hi there Lisa! I still love my Victorian repro gown so much. It's displayed in my room and I changed my whole room decor to fit it. :) Just love it. Christine - 
Antique dressHi Lisa,Yeah!!!!!!!!!! I got the gown!!!!!! I'm just a little excited! Thanks again!!!!!!!!!...Sincerely,Meghan

Thanks Lisa, the dress is beautiful! What's your opinion on displaying it? I've got a nice dress form, is it OK to display it for a period of time on that? I've got it nicely wrapped in muslin and boxed right now.Sincerely,Meghan - 
Victorian shoesDear Lisa,
It was a very happy day today as we got the parcel from you and we enjoyed opening every shoe, so carefully packaged. All the shoes are wonderful and we are totally happy with them.We would like to thank you once again for the shoes and we really hope to continue working with you. Best wishes, Nazim - 
Edwardian bootsDear Lisa,
The boots arrived yesterday and they are just perfect. I wore them around the house in the evening and they actually became comfortable!!!! Thanks so much. I am delighted.Patrice 
Victorian shoesDear Lisa,
The purple steel beaded boots arrived - and they are wonderful. Thanks so much. And thank you for the small calendar - very useful!Best,Karen - 
Bustle gown Hi again Lisa, I just wanted to let you know, I've begun redecorating! "The Dress" (the scarlet bustle dress) came today (thanks for the speedy shipping!)and THANK YOU SO MUCH- It's EXACTLY as you described it in your photos and descriptions! I will definitely watch your site for other items I can't live without... Please let me know if you find some matching shoes! Could become another themed room in my B/B! ; ) Cheers! Stephanie B. - 
Greetings Lisa,

Just a quick note to let you know that I received the dress. It is beautiful as promised. Thank you again for listing such a beautiful dress.Sincerely, Paula- 
Bustledress.comDear Lisa,
I received the gloves and purse. They are marvelous. You are a marvel. Thanks ever so much. Best wishes. Bill

Dear Lisa,You've been a pleasure to deal with. I look forward to more purchases from you. Anyway, for now, thanks again. Best wishes. Bill 
Bustledress.comLisa, The bodice arrived today - it is amazing!!! I tried it on and everything fits perfectly. I think it will go perfectly with my beige peplum skirt. Thanks again. Colleen- 
 Here's what some of our gentle web viewers and link exchange partners are saying... 
I discovered your site recently and I am in heaven. I along with many other women on this earth believe that we believe we have been born into the wrong era. The clothes of these eras, you show, really are truely feminine. I fell absolutely head over heals in love with the bustle dress MAJESTIC 1888, Victorian Amethyst. Wow, what an exquisite gown. I am a fan of all things in purple. I have booked marked your site and try and get in to see what you have to offer. I even have my mum hooked now. Keep up such a wonderful feminine site for those of us who dream.Thanks again,Nicola, Brisbane, Australia - 

Hi Lisa!What a magnificent website you have! And finally someone else who is not afraid to write a description!Charlotte - 
Hi Lisa,Your site looks wonderful and the clothes look like they were in the online museum of vintage clothing!!!!...Take Care.Ann - 

Hi!I stumbled across your wonderful site (I just love those size 10 two toned colored boots!!)...Leila - 
Hello, Your site is darling and I can tell are as well!...Best Wishes today and always,Paisley - 

Hi Lisa,...You have some beautiful dresses on your site and the photography is great too. Did you work at a museum?...
Regards,Julia - 
Just checked your site out and love those boots and that hat!!Dawn - 

Hello Lisa,I just viewed your site and was very impressed...I saw the gorgeous 1880's boots... and was wondering if you discount to dealers...
Thank you,Dene - 
Subject: Wow! Am I impressed...Dear Lisa;As the quote above says, Wow! I took a look at your wonderfully, exciting, WebSite, and was astonished! You and your Mom must be so proud. I am sure that it was not an easy thing, because it is so perfect a website; I really mean it. I've seen a few ~ I used to work 8 hrs a day, just searching websites in a business I worked for.
Congratulations!...Karen - 

Hello Lisa,I enjoyed viewing your lovely web site. It's of the caliber I appreciate...You have some outstanding items...Best Regards, Barbara - 
Dear Lisa,...I took a look at yours and was very impressed, and have mentioned it to some friends into vintage clothing...Thanks,Marie - 

Hello Lisa,I just looked at yours and WOW- it is beautiful!!...Thanks again, Lisa!!! Violet - 
Dear Lisa,Your site is also very cool...Do you go out and do any shows? There was a large on in our area and I could send you some info on it. Your things would be a big hit.
Thanks, Cindy - 

Hi Lisa: You are linked to my splash page. I like your merchandise!! Wanda - 
Dear Lisa:Your website is just lovely!...Do you have a banner?Sincerely,Terri - 

LisaYou have a beautiful site! I love looking at all of the wonderful clothing, etc. Need more time...Harriet - 

Good Day Lisa,I fell in love with this fan!!! It's lovely... you do have the item available hopefully? Please advise. Thank you. If you do I'd like to reserve it.
Best Wishes,Nzingha - 

Hi Lisa,...I've been to your site and I must say it is very impressive as is your product quality...
Kind Regards,Stephanie - 
Oh my Lisa... what a wonderful collection!...Thanks, Monica - 

Hello Lisa,...I checked out your site and I do love all your goodies. I love everything victorian! I am a real "victorian nut"... Barb - 
Hi Lisa,I have a few questions about the edwardian silk, beads and bow dress...Thanks for your help, I have been looking for a dress like this for a few years and it is truly beautiful...Hoping to hear from you soon, Yvonne - 

Hi!...You've got some gorgeous gowns on your site, and I wish those shoes you have for sale fit...
Isabella - 
Lisa,...Your site is wonderful...Lisa (Yes we have the same name.... must mean we are creative people ; )  - 

I just love your dresses. They are exquisite. Im a huge fan of historical fashion. Could you please tell me how much is item number #d-1- 1019 please? Its gorgeous! Sian - 
Lisa,...I love the vintage shoes that you have on your site!...gayle - 

Lisa,Good morning!...took a quick look at your lovely web site. Oh, my! What beautiful things you have to offer!!!...Alan and Jeanne - 
Lisa,...Your site is very nice...George - 

Hi,...LOVE your site. You have some fabulous items...Warm Regards,Janet - 
Hi Lisa, Ardyth here from Velvet Pocket Vintage...We love your site...Kind regards, Ardyth - 

Hi Lisa!...I just checked out your site and I really like it...Best regardsThies - 
hi Lisa,i looked at your web site and just wanted you to know how beautiful i think it is!!regards, Jennifer--- - 

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