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item number #SOLD0005-20090207-28

Divine 1885 Victorian Pink Silk Faille Opera gown with PEARLED LACE and METALLIC brocade inserts- possibly made by Charles Frederick WORTH

Sorry, Additional photos of this gown are no longer available. MAJESTIC and museum quality really comes to mind when I think about this amazing, one of a kind gown, which I actually believe was made by Worth. I saw an uncannily similarly styled gown with the same pearled lace in a museum although this one does not have a tag. One of the absolutely finest bustle dresses I've ever encountered. The heavy weight baby pink silk faille shell (very substantial) is shimmers. There are contrasting inserts on the sleeves, plastron, and underskirt of heavy weight pink lavender lame' brocade.

The bodice is very tailored and curvy, with a form-fitted, fully boned (whalebone) interior in the corset style with cane buscs near the hand sewn holes (has the original twisted metal ties with brass enders). The sleeves have no poufs at the shoulders, leading down to cuffed and "V" contrasted sleeve cuffs. The low, pearled neckline is just stunning. Must have cost a fortune at the time to have this made! Finely piped. The inside is neatly tailored of ivory silk surrah twill, and all the edges have been firmly and deftly overcast. Also, another hook enclosure (with all complete brass hooks and eyes) to make sure the bodice doesn't ride. Wonderfully made. As you can see I can run on and on about this amazing outfit- pretty rare to run across a dress like this!

This gorgeous and unusual skirt is unbelievably substantial. It has incredible weight and body from the extreme tailoring (I think there's stiffener inside in layers, like a buckram- to give it so much natural form). The silk brocade between the faille overskirt is heavier than what you's expect from the photos and has an overlay of blonde silk lace outlined with hundreds of pearls!. It has a very distended bustle to support the weight of the rear skirt and heavy, sweeping cathedral style train. I wouldn't be surprised if the skirt weighed 15 lbs! The skirt innards are made of a feather-weight silk taffeta that's shockingly clean, the bustle unties from the waist, two areas for a spring steel bustle to be added for support (it doesn't look as though they were ever utilized though). The skirt sweep has ivory checkered, stiffened buckram, and has a finely pleated row of dust ruffles.


Whew! Are you still here after all that writing? Well, here's very little to tell about the condition, but I'm picky so, here we go... The silk-satin and brocade are strong. I find no weakness at all. The two silk tissue taffeta panels opening to the fold over bustle fabric have been replaced with the same self fabric for strength and wearablity. Unfortunately, Although the silk taffeta is amazingly intact (usually it's completely gone.) with only a few tiny separations or burs, and the color is very clean- no stains- and has been reenforced, care must be used when lifting the skirt (pick up from the back where the cotton is- not the silk tissue waist front- otherwise, the waist lining will tear.) and must be worn with supporting garments or the fabric will break down. One day I think the rest of the original silk taffeta liner at the top will need to be replaced. But for now, it is great, wearable with gentleness. A true "A" list gown. Although there are no tags that I've found, I wouldn't be surprised if Worth didn't make this gown due to the strong shell architecture and high quality fabric. I think this would be a magnificent display gown. One of the best- ever.

This item is sold and no longer available.

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WORTH Frederick Charles by made possibly inserts- brocade METALLIC and LACE PEARLED with gown Opera Faille Silk Pink Victorian 1885 Divine

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Size Shoulders BustSkirt WaistEstimated Length from top of shoulder tip to bottom of hemEstimated Wear-abilityEstimated Underarm conditionMaker's Tags/ MarksEstimated condition ratingEstimated overall condition scale of 1-10
Medium (2-3)14."34".26."54."Weak on lining waist innards from weight.Underarm marks.None.Very EXCELLENT.9 3/4

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This item is sold and no longer available.

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