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Welcome to a Bustledress.com Article Page

Category: 2010 MOST BEAUTIFUL Bustle Dress by Contest on 05-15-2010

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USA Entry 21.) Dress: Ribbon Bengaline Wedding Gown
Category: Best OTHER FREESTYLE Bustle Dress in the World
Category: Most Beautiful Bustle Dress in the World
Seamstress: Linda E. Charron at: FrocksofAges.com

"I just completed this Bridal Gown and shipped it out to a young lady Marine who has just return from a tour of duty in Afghanistan. We have been planning this gown since before her tour of duty and she will be marrying in July. This 3 piece NF Bridal Gown is make of Ivory Bengaline Moire' and Ivory Organza. The lines of the gown are classic, simple and unfussy. I choice a warm colour pallet of off-white, antique rose, pale pink and peach for the flowers. I made the flowers out of silk ribbon and wired ribbon and hand embroidered the lace with silk ribbon to make the buds on the bodice and the fan. The fan is made of the same lace used throughout the gown. The butterfly train is adorned with silk flower and ribbon. This gown took about 8 weeks to make..." Linda E. Charron

Costume Victorian

USA Entry 20.) Dress: "Bloody Rose" Victorian Ball Gown
Category: Best Victorian Ball Gown in the World
Seamstress: "Anachronisticjenn.com"

"I was racking my brain for contest inspiration this year, and decided that it was finally time for me to cut my prize stash of embroidered silk. If I had to name this dress, I would call it "Bloody Rose". I got the idea of tying the sleeves together at the top of the shoulders from a small fashion plate in the Englishwoman's Domestic magazine, 1887. The center "stomacher" is also embroidered silk." JB

Victorian Costume

USA Entry 10.) Lady Leigh's 1875 Day Gown
Category: Most Beautiful Bustle Dress In the WORLD
Category: Best Victorian Day Gown
Category: Best Victorian Day Gown
Seamstress: Lady Leigh
Webspace: Houseofpoleighnaise Houseofpoleighnaise Blogspot

"1875 Day gown created with Black Tafetta and White Shantung fabrics, accented with embroidery. Replicated from a fashion plate with the date July 31, 1875. This bustle gown is currently listed on my Etsy page here: http://www.etsy.com/listing/43679177/victorian-bustle-gown-dress-goth Lady Leigh

Victorian Costume Contest

USA Entry 9.) Dress: 1887 Victorian Crossover Bodice Dress.
Category: Most Beautiful Bustle Dress in the World
Seamstress: Misslisa1867 from Ebay's WebStore:"You're Never Out of Style."

"This is a Reproduction of an 1887 Dress. I especially like the Cross Over Bodice Style and I think that it to be very "Fashion Forward" for the Times.... I used a Changeable Taffeta Fabric, Burgundy shot with Black, and this Beautiful Fabric even has Black Velvet Flocking throughout. I also used a solid Changeable Taffeta Fabric for the Underskirt. Trimmings are Black Velvet for the Collar, Revers, and Cuffs, plus a Vintage Black Lace. Burgundy is one of my Most Favorite colors..." Miss Lisa

Victorian Costume

USA Entry 7.) Dress: 1800's Green Bustle Gown.
Category: Best Victorian Day Gown
Category: Best Alternative Bustle gown
Seamstress: Misslisa1867 from Ebay's WebStore:"You're Never Out of Style."

"This Dress is a Reproduction of a mid 1880's Style. This creation all started with the Plaid fabric that I had left over from a Dress that I had made a few years ago. I finally found the perfect shade of Avocado Green Herringbone Fabric to match up well with the Plaid Fabric. I think the addition of the Black Velvet makes the whole Dress Pop. The Trimmings are Avocado Green Velvet Ribbon, Black Velvet Fringe, Black Velvet Ribbon, Black Velvet covered Buttons, and Ivory Embroidered Net Lace used for the Collar and the Cuffs. It has a bit of Victorian Steampunk flair..." Miss Lisa

Victorian Costume

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