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Welcome to a Bustledress.com Article Page

Category: 2010 Best Victorian DAY Gown by Contest on 05-15-2010

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USA Entry 46.) Dress: "Fall in Colorado" Day Bustle Gown
Category: 2010 Best Victorian Day Bustle Gown
Seamstress and Milliner: JM
Photographer: JM
Model: Kim McNeal
Website: www.theperfecttouchvictorian.com

"Fall in Colorado Day Bustle Gown" This day bustle gown is inspired by the bustle gowns of the 1880's and suited to travel or street wear. A caramel velveteen underskirt trimmed with a band of embroidered leaves and wine edging serves dual purpose with a ballgown with a change of overskirt and bodice. The velveteen and an embroidered edge are repeated on the collar and cuffs. The "flowerpot" hat is hand made with shirred velveteen underbrim, embroidered and pleated band, beaded flowerette, satin ribbon, and a full pheasant pelt as was the style of the time. An ensemble for a lady who is not shy about being noticed and admired..." JM

Day Bustle Gown Costume

Best Victorian Day Bustle Gown In the WORLD entries for the 2010 Most Beautiful Bustle Dress In the WORLD CONTEST
Ladies Fabulous Bustle Dress Day Gowns only.

USA Entry 44.) Dress: 1870's Sheer Summer Picnic Dress
Category: 2010 Best OTHER FREESTYLE Bustle Dress
Category: Best Victorian Day Bustle Dress
Seamstress: Misslisa1867 from Ebay's WebStore:"You're Never Out of Style."

"This dress is so sheer and very lightweight. It was a perfect choice for me to wear on a 93 degree day. The bodice pattern is an original pattern that I found at a yard sale, and I paid $1.00 for it. (Glad I stopped at that yard sale!) The color of the fabric are various shades of light blues in a striped pattern. I used quite a bit of the self fabric for ruffles, shirring, and pleating. I think this style is very elegant and a bit playful too..." Miss Lisa

Victorian Costumes

USA Entry 41.) Dress: 1870's Victorian Floral Polonaise Dress
Category: Most Beautiful Bustle Dress in the World
Category: Best Victorian Day Bustle Dress
Seamstress: Misslisa1867 from Ebay's WebStore:"You're Never Out of Style."

"I made this Polonaise from a White Faux Silk Fabric and a Beautiful Organza Fabric that is embroidered with a peach and mint green floral motif. I used embroidered net nace in white, and I hand dyed the Venise Lace to a matching peach color. I also hand dyed the braid at the neckline to peach. The tunic bodice and the underskirt are both lined with white polished cotton fabric. I think this gown to be very feminine and romantic in color and style..." Miss Lisa

Victorian Costumes

USA Entry 39.) Dress: Pink and Plaid Day Gown
Category: Most Beautiful Day Gown in the World
Category: 2010 Most Beautiful Bustle Dress in the World
Seamstress/ Model: Dixie McCan
Photographers: Artie Fly (left) Weaver Gal (Right)

"My love for costuming started with S.A.S.S. Mounted Shooting in 2003, but I wanted to ride and shoot with petticoats flying, so I had to start sewing, then I fell in love with bustles! I made my pink Victorian Daydress from TV405 Vest Basque and TV208 Trained Skirt Ensemble over the TV108 Grand Bustle..." DMC


USA Entry 38.) Dress: 1880's Embossed Day Gown
Category: Most Beautiful Day Gown in the World
Seamstress: Miss Janet
Website: Ebay seller: Cattery2000

"This dress is my version of Great-Grandmother Anna Martha Jung Keck's dress she is wearing on a 6th plate tintype. Done in a beautiful Black embossed silk, lined with Ginger silk and trimmed with Ginger braid. Antique Black glass buttons close the front. I love the pleated flounce, cuffs and sassy peplum of Ginger silk...." Miss Janet

1880's Day Gown Costume
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