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Welcome to a Bustledress.com Article Page

Category: 2010 Best OTHER FREESTYLE Bustle Dress by Contest on 05-15-2010

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Victorian CostumesVictorian Costume Contest Entries
Bustle Gown Contest Rules

Best "OTHER" FREESTYLE BUSTLE DRESS styles, considered "Wildcard" entries for the 2010 Most Beautiful Bustle Dress In the WORLD CONTEST.
Every contest entrant (regardless of sex) must wear Bustle Gown, others in a photo do not have to wear bustle dress but must be Victorian attired. Also accepted and included are humorous entries, groups, couples, etc. See rules for additional details. Idea is: go WILD here, but, please go tastefully wild! Bustle Gown Contest Rules

USA Entry 63.) Dress: 1880s NF Ball Gown Reproduction for Lady Doll
Category: Best Freestyle Gown
Seamstress: Anne K
Photographer: AL

"This was sewn by Anne K, utilizing an original pattern. She is very dressed up and the maker used silk tulle and embroidery and I think many women would like to wear it if they were 30 inches tall, which the doll wearing it happens to be...." AL

Victorian Day Costume

USA Entry 58.) Dress: "Avatar" Neytiri's Bustle Gown
Best Alternate Steampunk Neo Victorian or Gothic Bustle Dress
Best Other Freestyle Bustle Dress
Seamstress: JM
Photographer: JM
Website: www.theperfecttouchvictorian.com

"Avatar - Neytiri's Gown" - James Cameron's movie "Avatar" is set on the moon Pandora in 2154 where the Na'vi race live in harmony with their unspoiled world. Neytiri is a central character who is as brave and accomplished as she is beautiful. What type of bustle dress would Neytiri want if she lived in the 19th century instead of the 22nd? I believe it would be elegant, colorful, and natural, and so this is my interpretation of Neytiri's bustle dress. The style is Natural Form Era with fantail skirt, split pannier overskirt, and bodice made from blue/brown zebra stripe faux satin. The bustled corselet is of amethyst velvet lined with the satin. The velvet repeats on the collar and cuffs for more color. Although Neytiri has the heart of a hunter, she is decidedly feminine and so I've added a sepia-tone insertion lace with velvet ribbon along the edges of the corselet and overskirt, another touch of lace at collar and cuffs, and a multi-layer plum/purple eyelash fringe along the skirt's edge. Not a day dress to wear while riding your pet banchee but perfect to receive all your special visitors in style!..." JM

Day Bustle Gown Costume

International Entry 55.) Dress: Italian Silk Wedding Bustle Gown
Category: Most Beautiful Bustle Dress in the World
Category: Most Beautiful Bustle Dress in the World
Best Other Freestyle Bustle Dress
Seamstress: Manon Antoinette

"The gown is made with embroidered Italian silk, in a non-repeated pattern, single colour Italian silk and hand dyed green silk to match the embroidery. Cotton lining, glazed cotton mostly, except for a twill cotton to make the dust ruffle with. The buttons were made by hand covering them with silk. The bodice has a waist tape. The dust ruffle has a double edge of gathered lace in a cream colour matching the silk colour perfectly in real life, but not in the photographs. The bodice was made using The McDowell Garment Drafting Machine from 1889, and several test fittings. Original costume design sketch for the dress is included. The design was composed by looking through several catalogs of fashion from the same time period, 1887..." Manon Antoinette

Victorian Costumes
USA Entry 52.) Dress: Cream and Black Polka Dot Taffeta Day Gown
Category: Best Victorian Day Gown
Category: Best Other Freestyle Bustle Dress
Seamstress: JB
Model: Kathy Fowler (my beautiful daughter)
Photographer: JB

"I started sewing 1880 gowns three years ago when I became a SASS member. This NF gown is of a wonderful fabric of cream and black polka dot taffeta. The underskirt is a black moire' fantail skirt with rolls of knife pleads with a split overskirt of the cream/polka dot taffeta. The bodice and bustle are one in the same with jeweled applique' in the middle..." JB

Victorian Day Costume

USA Entry 47.) Dress: Steampunk Medallion Printed Day Gown
Category: Best Alternate Steampunk Neo Victorian or Gothic Bustle Dress
Category: 2010 Best OTHER FREESTYLE Bustle Dress
Seamstress: HB
Photographer: Chris Pagel
Model: HB

"This dress was made with Burda pattern 7880 and a substantial quantity of two coordinating patterned cottons. That includes every one of the covered buttons and the purse. As part of Steam Century, a steampunk event group, I've been inspired to make increasingly fabulous costumes, including this gown..." HB

Victorian Steampunk Costume

USA Entry 45.) Dress: 1880's Sheer Blue Gothic Dress
Category: 2010 Best OTHER FREESTYLE Bustle Dress
Category: 2010 Best ALTERNATE Steampunk Neo Victorian or Gothic BUSTLE DRESS
Seamstress: Misslisa1867 from Ebay's WebStore:"You're Never Out of Style."

"This is a reproduction of a late 1880's Bustle Dress. I started with a midnight blue changeable taffeta fabric. The bodice pieces are all overlayed with a dark, royal blue organza fabric. This organza fabric has black velvet flocking throughout in a floral pattern. The overskirt is also made from the organza fabric with a border print in black velvet. The underskirt is made from the midnight blue taffeta fabric and does not have the organza overlay. I made a hand pleated ruffle for the bottom of the Skirt. Trimmings are black velvet and black velvet ribbon. My little Lovey, "Lucy" is also in the picture..." Miss Lisa

Victorian Costumes

USA Entry 44.) Dress: 1870's Sheer Summer Picnic Dress
Category: 2010 Best OTHER FREESTYLE Bustle Dress
Category: Best Victorian Day Bustle Dress
Seamstress: Misslisa1867 from Ebay's WebStore:"You're Never Out of Style."

"This dress is so sheer and very lightweight. It was a perfect choice for me to wear on a 93 degree day. The bodice pattern is an original pattern that I found at a yard sale, and I paid $1.00 for it. (Glad I stopped at that yard sale!) The color of the fabric are various shades of light blues in a striped pattern. I used quite a bit of the self fabric for ruffles, shirring, and pleating. I think this style is very elegant and a bit playful too..." Miss Lisa

Victorian Costumes

USA Entry 42.) Dress: Blue Corseted Bustle Dress
2010 Best OTHER FREESTYLE Bustle Dress
Seamstress/ Model: Madamfitch

"Made from an old prom gown, I used tons of lace and yards of pearls, this is a beautiful 1800s gown that I like to shock my neighbors with an afternoon walk! Blue jacket has bustle attached, Just wonderful. Made by me Madamfitch, Blessed be..." MF

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