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Welcome to a Bustledress.com Article Page

Category: 2010 MOST BEAUTIFUL BUSTLE DRESS In the WORLD ALL ENTRIES by Contest on 05-15-2010

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USA Entry 20.) Dress: "Bloody Rose" Victorian Ball Gown
Category: Best Victorian Ball Gown in the World
Seamstress: "Anachronisticjenn.com"

"I was racking my brain for contest inspiration this year, and decided that it was finally time for me to cut my prize stash of embroidered silk. If I had to name this dress, I would call it "Bloody Rose". I got the idea of tying the sleeves together at the top of the shoulders from a small fashion plate in the Englishwoman's Domestic magazine, 1887. The center "stomacher" is also embroidered silk." JB

Victorian Costume

USA Entry 19.) Dress: Late Bustle Dress 1890
Category: Best Victorian Day Bustle Gown in the World
Seamstress: Misslisa1867 from Ebay's WebStore:"You're Never Out of Style."

"I used a lightweight Wool in the shade of London Smoke. Black Velvet fabric for the Lapels and the Cuffs. I also used Black Velvet Ribbon with a cut work pattern. The Jabot is made from Vintage White Lace. I even made a cute shoulder Capelet that is trimmed with thick Black Chenille, for those cooler days. This is considered very appropriate for the Matronly Woman..." Miss Lisa

Victorian Costume

USA Entry 18.) Dress: Victorian Steampunk Inspired Dress
Category: Best Victorian ALTERNATE Steampunk Gown in the World
Seamstress: Lady La Salle

"This Steampunk "Snow Leopard" ensemble is made using 8 different fabrics in the same gray color family. It has an underskirt made using charcoal gray silk taffeta with the hem decorated with gray lace. The overskirt is made using a gray and ivory pinstripe wool suiting fabric with a ruffle of embroidered net lace for the bottom swag while the top swap is made using just the embroidered net lace fabric. The side gathers on the skirt are accented with bows of cording and tassels. It is bustled slightly in the back and decorated with a gray and ivory homespun plaid bow and a smaller gray moire' bow. The bodice is made using the homespun plaid for the vested front and covered buttons, while a light-weight gray wool comprises the rest. The tails of the bodice are also lined with the gray moire'. I dyed lace for the collar and the sleeve accents, and also dyed the cording and tassels to match. The hat is a Denise Nadine pattern that I modified, covered with gray cotton velvet and lined with pleated silk taffeta. It is decorated with a band of faux leopard fur, feathers, moire' bows, and netting. The dress' hardware comes on the form of the chain closures at the vest front, the silver filigree ball buttons, and the cape closures used with the cord and tassel bows. All of the buckles that you see are antique cut steel." Lady La Salle

Victorian Costume

USA Entry 17.) Dress: Wisteria Day Gown
Category: Best Victorian Day Bustle Gown in the World
Seamstress: Lady La Salle

"This is a reproduction of a NF Victorian traveling dress which I was inspired to make after seeing the original in a museum. It is constructed using embroidered silver dupioni, red silk, red and white laces, with a handmade cord and button closure for the bodice. The underskirt is the star of this show. I made a dress shell out of red broadcloth for my base. Each silk lined "waterfall" pleat was individually made, then sewn onto the skirt on top of a knife pleated row of red silk pleats. Then above that are 3 rows of individually hand ruche'd fabric with a puffed ruffle at the bottom. The front of the overskirt is pleated up and gathered in the middle and edged with red silk and lace, while the back falls in a simple swag which is then tied back. The bodice front is a piece of red silk that has again been hand ruche'd which is then closed over with two small points of dupioni and the knocked cord and button closure. The hat pattern I used is from Gina White. It is lined with more of the ruche'd red silk and covered with the dupioni. Bows, reproduction buckle brooches, and feathers decorate it both front and back." Lady La Salle

Victorian Costume

USA Entry 16.) Dress: Wisteria Day Gown
Category: Best Victorian Day Bustle Gown in the World
Seamstress: Lady La Salle

"This promenade dress is from an 1881 issue of Delineator with polka dots and frothy ruffles everywhere that I just had to remake. I wanted to wear this dress outside in the Spring and Summer months, so I chose to use wisteria colored broadcloth covered with white polka dot organza. The 4 different polka dot trims that I used are all embroidered organdy. I once again turned to Truly Victorian for the patterns that I needed. The back of the underskirt has 4 rows of 6" wide pleats that I made using my antique Simplicity plaiting tool, and it still took me 96 hours to make those pleats. There is also an 18" wide pleat on the front of the underskirt. The overskirt is simply two pleated and crossed pieces of trimmed organza in the front, shirred at the side seams along with the back which is again made using both fabrics and draped in the back. The cascading ruffle accent piece at the back of the skirt I cut free hand and then simply gathered it up the at the center of the fabric. The sleeves are long, but half sheer with insertion lace at the seam where the sleeve was divided. Faux pearl buttons close up the front of the bodice. I also custom made the matching hat, also from the same year but from Peterson's, and a custom matching parasol. There is a custom dust ruffle that I made especially done in such a way as to still show off the pretty lace on it and not get torn to shreds on the sidewalks, streets, and other hazards that one might encounter while strolling about." Lady La Salle

Victorian Costume
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