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Welcome to a Bustledress.com Article Page

Category: 2009 USA Best Victorian Day Bustle Gown In the WORLD by Contest on 05-15-2009

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USA Entry 30.) Dress: Buccaneers/ Tissot Striped Victorian Day Dress
Category: USA Best Victorian Day Dress
Seamstress: Madame Kat

This 1870's Victorian day dress was inspired from the movie The Bucccaneers, based on the novel by Edith Wharton. This cotton black and white striped day gown was inspired by a gown worn onscreen by "Lizzie" when she arrives in England one sunny summer afternoon. As a big fan of stripes, this was immediately my favorite! The gown consists of four pieces: bodice trimmed in self fabric and white organza ruffle cuffs, with white organza trim, and black satin ribbon trim around the neckline; bodice peplum drafted up from Janet Arnold attaches at the bodice hem, with buttons and hooks and eyes; both the overskirt and underskirt are trimmed in self fabric ruffles with rolled hems in black thread. I also made the hat of white organza and black lace trim over a lightweight buckram and wire frame. Hat pattern custom drafted for this project by the very kind Lazy K of the Belle Alley. Screen shot of Lizzie in the gown from the movie, "The Buccaneers." Painting by Tissot: "A Return from the Boating Trip." Madame Kat

Victorian Costume
USA Entry 28.) Dress: 1885 Yellow and Silk Stripe Day Dress
Category: Best Victorian Day Bustle Gown
Seamstress: AB
Photographer: Major Photography

Like Catawba Kate and Fannie Kikinshoot, I too made a black and white silk bustle dress with my 10 yards of fabric! I used black velveteen and yellow silk as my complimentary fabrics. This is an 1885 style day gown with an open neckline with a double ruffled standup collar of yellow silk and velveteen. It is piped in yellow silk and adorned with yellow grosgrain bows on the bustle. The underskirt is velveteen with open turned back godets revealing pleated black and white silk. This dress is also accompanied by a matching reticule and a small flower pot hat adorned with a silk band, yellow ostrich feather and black and white silk rosettes. It was a fun game to play with my best girlfriends! AB

SASS Victorian Bustle Fashion Gown Costume Contest
USA Entry 26.) Dress: 1886 Prairie Point Bustle Gown
Category: Best Victorian Day Bustle Gown
Seamstress: Lady Leigh (Ebay's: house_of_poleigh_naise.) Lady Leigh's Ebay Store: http://stores.shop.ebay.com/House-of-PoLeigh-Naise__W0QQ_armrsZ1

This Green-gray Cotton 1886 Day gown was one I made for myself. Trimmed with Prairie Points, which I love! I wore it in July when it was a little over 100 degrees, and I was cool as a cucumber! Amazing how cotton will feel wonderful on those "hot" summer days. Lady Leigh

SASS Victorian Bustle Gown Fashion Costume Contest
USA Entry 24.) Dress: 1880 Striped, Afternoon Natural Form Walking Gown
Category: Most Beautiful Bustle Dress In the WORLD
Category: Best Victorian Day Bustle Gown
Seamstress: RL of North Carolina

Model is my daughter, Christine, whom the bustle gown was made for. I made this gown specifically for an outing at the Biltmore Estate, here in Asheville, NC. The house was completed about 1898 by George Vanderbilt. The dress is 1880 natural form, and was made using an original fashion plate as inspiration. Fabrics are cotton. The hat is commercially purchased, steamed and re-formed. TV patterns for bodice (modified significantly) and skirt. Overskirt is of my own design. We enjoy going to annual tea outings with the Carolina Belles, and other local Victorian events.

Victorian style Fashion SASS Costume Contest
USA Entry 20.) Dress: 1870's Natural Form Era Reception gown
Category: Best Victorian Day Bustle Gown
Seamstress: Lady Leigh (Ebay's: house_of_poleigh_naise.) Lady Leigh's Ebay Store: http://stores.shop.ebay.com/House-of-PoLeigh-Naise__W0QQ_armrsZ1

The Natural Form Era Reception gown is fun and bright. Do not think the Victorians did not want their vibrant colors, because they did! Lady Leigh

Victorian style SASS Bustle Dress Costume Contest
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